What if I have a problem with the footwear I ordered?

For any footwear item purchased from Darnproudusa.com web site, returns or exchanges will be accepted within
30 days of product receipt. Footwear items can show NO SIGNS OF WEAR AND TEAR; signs of being worn outside the
home or to work. Returned or exchanged footwear is inspected upon receipt.

To return or exchange any item, please complete the following forms.

Darn Proud Boot Order Return Form

Darn Proud Boot Order Exchange Form

This return policy applies to items purchased directly from Darnproudusa.com web site. This policy does not apply to items
purchased from retailers or other companies doing business with or associated with the Weinbrenner Shoe Company.



I've been a loyal customer for years. I've noticed that the leather color and texture vary from boot to boot on my favorite style - #814-4200. Is this normal?

The Tabacco Gladiator leather, used on the 814-4200 and other similar styles, is our largest volume leather by popular demand. Currently our two factories combined process over 10,000 square feet per week, that's alot of leather! To meet this demand we purchase leather from three different leather vendors that can match our needs and specifications.

Variations within the same pair can be difficult to match up due to the slight variations in color, markings and wrinkles of each hide. No two hides, NO TWO COWS, are ever exactly the same.

The Tobacco Gladiator Leather is a natural aniline leather which means it is in its most purest, natural, imperfect form. It is tumbled (shown by the wrinkles) to allow the wearer to feel the soft natural flexibility and durability of this very special leather. Visible is the natural color variegations, markings, wrinkles due to animal's growth pattern, and oil migration within each half pair. Each boot takes on the natural personality of its hide much like the finger print on each person. Every hide absorbs the color, oils and tumbling affects differently. No two hides are alike and thus, no two hides have the same "personality".

Customers seem to want a boot they can call their own. When a customer puts on a 4200 they can truly call that pair the most unique shoe they have ever purchased. No one else in the world has a boot that looks exactly like theirs.

(Aniline leather is a type of leather dyed exclusively with soluble dyes without covering the surface with a topcoat paint or insoluble pigments. The resulting product retains the hide's natural surface with the 'grain', i.e. visible pores, scars etc. of the complete original animal's skin structure.)


Why change the wedge sole after using the Vibram sole for so long?

For as long as the modern trades have existed, two trades, primarily ironworkers and carpenters, have wanted an outsole which is comfortable and light enough to wear all day AND slip resistant enough to securely walk on flat surfaces several stories up - in dry and wet conditions. This specific combination of performance features requires a material that was soft, light, flexible and "sticky."

The traditional white wedge (Vibram™ Christy Cream), introduced over 50 years ago, was the only option that met the demands listed. The Christy wedge outsole is made of natural blown rubber; Thorogood has used this sole since 1964. Most customers could expect to get 4-8 months of wear on this outsole - depending on work conditions.

Four years ago the Thorogood product development team set out to develop an outsole better than the tried-and-true Christy. After a 2 year material study and jobsite-test our designers created a sole material that could give a longer life without giving up the comfort and safety features desired by our customers. Using man made materials they were able to replicate the characteristics of natural blown rubber - amazing!

The current Thorogood Polyurethane MaxWear™ Sole (in cream and black colors) is the best option for comfort, slip resistance and durability we could come up with given the current technology. It provides an estimated 20-30% longer life compared to the blow rubber predecessor and, best of all, is MADE IN USA.

The MaxWear™ sole is now found on our entire wedge line of work boots, a total of 16 styles. And after two years "on the ground," the MaxWear™ sole is quickly becoming a cobbler's go-to replacement wedge sole. Another example of Weinbrenner innovation leading the industry.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Not all of your shoes are MADE IN USA? Why not?


The facts: 96% of the footwear sold in this country is NOT made in this country. So most consumers are obviously not shopping for or demanding MADE-IN-USA!

We are painfully aware of the ramifications on price for consumers and margins for business owners when our competitors flood the stores with less expensive foreign made footwear. (Many of these you know as the highly advertised brands seen on television, in magazines and on the internet.) The cost savings makes sense, but the results weaken our economy, cause the loss of jobs and lower consumers expectations.

With that said, Thorogood must compete against the lower priced foreign-made brands to maintain our market position as one of the leading producers of quality occupational safety footwear. So, yes, we also use resources offshore to produce our footwear; about 1/3 of our inventory. It's a matter of survival of the fittest.

Proudly, 65% of the footwear under the Thorogood label is still made in one of our two union factories located in central Wisconsin; our home since 1892! Our MADE IN USA footwear actually accounts for 72% of our sales.

Every one of the 82 Employee owners of the Weinbrenner Shoe Company, makers of the Thorogood brand, are committed to maintaining our MADE IN USA production - to pursuing innovations in footwear construction, comfort and performance and making sure we deliver the highest quality premium footwear to our customers at a value that benefits everyone.

Don't question this commitment. It's posted in our offices and factories. It is what we believe and work towards everyday.

When, we all make the choice as American consumers to demand MADE IN USA products, demand quality, demand a variety of selections and demand comfort, Thorogood will be there - on the shelf, MADE IN USA!