Most Dri-Lex® fabrics are engineered specifically for footwear applications. A range of technical textile structures and high performance fibers give Dri-Lex® excellent moisture movement properties as well as outstanding abrasion resistance, hand-feel, and attractive patterns and textures. A wide range of Dri-Lex® fabrics also provide additional visual appeal through thermal transfer print patterns.


In footwear applications, perspiration is moved away from the foot surface by heat and mass transfer and into the specific Dri-Lex® fabric in the lining, footbed or upper. The fabric then works in conjunction with other materials to re-distribute moisture. The most advanced technical textile structures in the Dri-Lex® product line are the Dri-Lex® Diffusion products.

Dri-Lex® Aerospacer is a patented three-dimensional composite structure of hydrophobic and hydrophilic layers separated by an air chamber.

Its design allows air to circulate and dry the foot while moisture is delivered to the outer layer of the shoe upper and subsequently air-dried.